The big hunting trails of Central Africa…

The search of big animals is exclusively done by tracking, thanks to the talented Cameroonian trackers, renowned among the best in Africa. A real art!
The density of the fauna offers the professional hunter the possibility to establish contacts with the lords of the bush and each hunter to achieve his goals including the mythical Giant Eland.

Thanks to a severe management and to the unique and privileged aspect of the area, most of the trophies are “recordable”. The organization is very often quoted in the press and the references of the hunters can be communicated on demand.
A trained skinner is regularly attended by a French professional and assures the firs preparations of the trophies under the most favorable conditions.

Thanks to an efficient and experienced organization, you and your hunting team will live an exceptional journey for everlasting souvenirs.

“What an incredible scene we were offered by these three splendid giant elands! For 20 minutes, we remained in the open, 27 yards away, sitting on our heels. There were eleven of us!”

This is a majestic animal, the biggest and the most sought after of all African antelopes; it is rightly known by English speaking people as “The Ghost”. Everything, when hunting it, is fascinating; a prestigious trophy to be proud of.

It is the most emblematic of all African trophies, and a symbol of majesty and bravery. Trackers of Cameroon excel in the art of tracking lion. Its approach is one of the finest and trickiest to be found. Facing it, deciding whether to shoot or not, is the price to be paid for this moment of truth.

Hunting an elephant is a privilege we practice exclusively by tracking it in the ancestral way. Near this massive presence, emotions are guaranteed.

The African game, par excellence, it is well-known for its resistance, it can easily become aggressive. It needs to be tracked and approached before it can be caught…

Now considered as one of the “Big Five”, it is present in a great density in the Faro. This huge 2.5 ton mass, with unpredictable reactions is hunted, with us, outside the water!
Roan Antelope,
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This antelope, also known as “horse antelope”, and which is partially protected, is second to biggest in the African Savanna. With its characteristic black mask, this antelope is stamped with nobility and inspires contemplation.
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