A safari of tradition and prestige…

At the crossroads of different peoples and civilizations we find Cameroon, an Africa in miniature. It stretches from its ocean coastline of the Gulf of Guinea to lake Chad, where East and West Africa meet.The 18 bis area (300 000 acres of shrub savanna) is located in Northern Cameroon, 155 miles (250 kilometers) from Garoua (4 hours drive).

The professional hunter Guy BETAILLE has been present in the field since 1995. He only receives a small number of hunters as he attaches a great importance to a close relationship. This relationship allows him to discover and share with his guests the emotions evoked by his passion, the emotions encountered when hunting in Africa in an authentic safari environment. Cameroon is one of the few places left in Africa which can still offer such an experience.

For lovers in search of endemic species, Guy BETAILLE is specialized in organizing tailor-made big safaris. These privileged journeys have enjoyed great success. They take place over several weeks and require a considerable prior organizational work. It is therefore advisable to schedule your reservation as early as possible.

The hunting season : Hunting is allowed from the 1st of December till the 31st of May in the savannah and from the 1st of December till the 31st of July in the forest.

Climate in Northern Cameroun : Dry and pleasant, fresh at night, warm during the day, from october till March, the temperature grows warmer until the first rains in mid-April.

Guy Bétaille,
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